WECI TEFL Course Content

The WECI TEFL course is a comprehensive mixture of teaching theory and practical teaching experience. There are 6 teaching practices for each TEFL student, during which the student will receive feedback from the trainer and other TEFL students so they can learn from one another. In the final week students will have ample opportunity to put all of the teaching theory they have learnt into their final 3 teaching practices which are held at Thai schools in Hua Hin, teaching at various levels of students from primary to high school.

Theoretical training during the WECI TEFL course is broken into 4 stages :

Stage 1

  • Thai culture and basic language
  • Icebreakers/classroom introductions/rapport
  • Classroom resources and materials
  • Brain based learning theory (TBM)

Stage 2

  • Lesson objectives
  • Presenting target language and language analysis
  • Concept checking
  • Eliciting/body language and gestures
  • Grading language (imperative, simple, clear)
  • Setting up activities (demonstrating, giving instructions, etc)

Stage 3

  • Monitoring progress
  • Motivating students
  • Awareness of students needs and awareness of self
  • Effective use of the whiteboard
  • Effective presentation
  • Error correcting

Stage 4

  • Lesson progression (controlled –> open practice)
  • Making the lesson student centered (teaching as a guide, not a lecturer)
  • Variety and balance of class activities
  • Pacing and timing of lessons


All of our students develop the materials required for the teaching practices. These materials maybe visual, audio or video, and include cue cards and class handouts. TEFL students are required to adapt from commercial sources, or develop original materials.


Course Assessment and Grading

  1. Observed teaching practice and lesson planning: 65% of grade
  2. Teaching theory assignments and participation: 35% of grade

We ask that TEFL students come ready to listen, participate, receive and give feedback, and most importantly show progress in their ability to apply what they have learnt to real teaching practice during the course.  100% attendance is required, and if any time is to be missed, it must be for emergency reasons and announced to the TEFL trainer at least 1 day in advance (if possible).

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